LEADERSHIP | Board Members & Elected Officers

President - William Brandt, Sr
First Vice President - Robt. Stevenson Grant 
Second Vice President - Christian B. Wilson
Secretary - Edward C. McFarland 
Treasurer - William E. Alcorn 
Membership Secretary - James J. Dawson 

Committee Chairmen:
Anniversary Banquet - William Brandt, Sr  
Benevolence - Christian B. Wilson 
Burns Nicht Supper - Jim Schaub 
By-Laws & Standing Rules - Christian B. Wilson
Communications and Editor (Pibroch) - Stuart P. Blair 
Convener - Leslie McLean & Steve Grant 
Escort to the Colors - T. Scott Hinson
Finance - Christian B. Wilson 
Games - Leslie McLean & Robt. Stevenson Grant  
Heritage - Leslie McLean 
Historian - Rodney K. McCaslin 
Hospitality - Dr. John C. Gordon
LIbrary and Archives - Ed McFarland 
Membership - James Dawson
Nesbit Cemetery - Bruce Copeland
Nominating - Dr John C. Gordan
Parliamentarian - Charles V. Pippen, Jr
President’s Piper - William Ernest Brandt  
Asst. President’s Piper Roderick O’Hagan Alexander
Quartermaster - Robt. Stevenson Grant
Risk Management - Christian B. Wilson
Tartan Ball - Stuart Blair

Ad Hoc Committees:
Budget Committee [per SR 8.5.4] – First Vice President, Robt. Stevenson Grant
Finance Committee [per SR 8.5.4] – Second Vice President, Christian B. Wilson 

Foundation Board:
William E. Alcorn (2017-2021)
Scott Hinson (2018-2022)
Christian B. Wilson (2019-2023)
Charles Weston Scrimger (2020-2024)
(Temporarily Effective 12/1/2020 until approved by the Membership at the next Stated Meeting)

Joe O. Smith (2019-2022)
Bruce Dull (2019-2022)
Bruce Copeland (2019-2022)
Keith E. Alcorn (2020-2023)
Graeme R. Millar (2020-2023)
Robert M. Stuart (2020-2023)
Jim Schaub (2021-2024)
T. Scott Hinson (2021-2024)
James Hanna (2021-2024)
Honorary & Advisory Positions

The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Culbertson
The Rev. Ronald E. Martin-Minnich
The Rev. Ernest R.D. Smart (Almoner)
The Rev. Dr. George Gray Toole (Almoner)

John C. Gordon, M.D.
Allan G. Scott, M.D.
H. Russell Wright, M.D.

Colin Bell, Esq.
David Bohanan, Esq.
Marshall V. Grier, Esq.
J. Marks Moore, III, Esq.
William N. White, Esq.
Christian B. Wilson, Esq.



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