Benefits to Membership

The St. Andrew’s Society of Baltimore is a fraternal organization whose principal interests are promoting the heritage of Scotland and providing benevolence to members and students of Scottish ancestry.

Does hearing bagpipe music raise the hair on the back of your neck?  Do you stand more erect and does your chest swell with the sound of the pipes?  Does fighting for freedom for over 700 years mean something to you?  Do words like Caledonia or Scotia have significance for you?  Do you read Robert Burns in the original language?  Have you seen “Highland cews”?  Do you prefer the single malt Highland Dew to lowland bourbon whisky?  Are tartans your favorite cloth?  Do you wear a kilt?  Have you been to a Highland Gathering where athleticism is measured by the distance and direction an object is tossed – such as a 27 pound stone or a caber looking like a telephone pole?  Do you eat haggis?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you will not only benefit from the camaraderie of our fellowship but you will also share in the uniqueness of knowing our collective efforts will pass on the Scottish heritage to the next generations by educating through fun.  All that we say and do is to honor Scotland and her descendants.  These are done in our formal dinners, through our public “kirkin’ o’ the Tartans”, our military and memorial ceremonies, and in our Foundation’s grants and benevolences.