Membership programs are coordinated by the Membership Committee Chairman and the Membership Secretary. The Chairman is responsible for shepherding new applications through the process of becoming a member. He is also responsible for holding New Members’ gatherings to welcome new members and explain the Society’s events and structure.

The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate membership records, lists, and data, and for providing labels to the various committees for their mailings to the members as well as sending out Dues Notices. Any changes in address, phone, or email should be sent to the attention of the Membership Secretary.

After having read this material, if you would like to join our group of men, then please take a moment to fill out an application. Two sponsors are required and can be provided if you do not know anyone already in the Society.

Membership is open to any male born in Scotland or who can show direct lineage to a Scottish ancestor. The application must be accompanied by an initiation fee and one year’s dues. Applications are read at the Board of Managers meeting, generally held on the first Tuesday evening of each month, and must pass two votes held on separate months.