"Courage grows strong at a wound".

“Courage grows strong at a wound”.

Board Members & Elected Officers


Dr. John C. Gordon – President
William Ernie Brandt First – Vice President
Robt. Stevenson Grant Second – Vice President
Edward C. McFarland. – Secretary
William E. Alcorn – Treasurer
James J. Dawson – Membership Secretary

Committee Chairmen:

Rev. Dr. George G. Toole – Almoner
Rev. Ernest R.D. Smart – Almoner
Russ Tagg/Ernie Brandt – Anniversary Banquet
Russ Tagg – Annual Gathering
Chris Wilson – Benevolence
Jim Schaub – Burns Nicht Supper
Paul A. Schofield – By-Lawas & Standing Rules
Leslie McLean & Steve Grant – Convener
T. Scott Hinson – Escort to the Colors
Leslie McLean & Steve Grant – Fair Hills
Leslie McLean – Heritage
Rodney K. McCaslin – Historian
Dr. John C. Gordon – Hospitality
Angus McPhee Burton – Endowment
Ed McFarland – Library and Archives
VACANT – Membership
Russ Tagg – Nesbit Cemetery
Stuart P. Blair – Nominating
Paul A. Schofield – Parliamentarian
William Ernest Brandt – President’s Piper
Roderick O’Hagan Alexander – Asst. President’s Piper
Stuart P. Blair – Editor (Pibroch)
Robt. Stevenson Grant – Quartermaster
Christian B. Wilson – Risk Management
Nicholas J. McIntosh – Tartan Ball
Edward C. McFarland – Web Master

Ad Hoc Committees:

Budget Committee [per SR 8.5.4] – First Vice President, William Ernie Brandt
Finance Committee [per SR 8.5.4] – Second Vice President, Robt. Stevenson Grant

Foundation Board:

William E. Alcorn (2017-2021)
Scott Hinson (2018-2022)
Christian B. Wilson (2019-2023)
Charles Weston Scrimger (2020-2024)
(Temporarily Effective 12/1/2020 until approved by the Membership at the next Stated Meeting)


Geoffrey J.C. Boyd (2018-2021)
Wm. Branson H. Kommalan (2018-2021)
Paul A. Schofield (2018-2021)
Joe O. Smith (2019-2022)
Nicholas J. McIntosh (2019-2022)
Russell M. Tagg (2019-2022)
Keith E. Alcorn (2020-2023)
Graeme R. Millar (2020-2023)
Robert M. Stuart (2020-2023)

Honorary & Advisory Positions


The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Culbertson
The Rev. Ronald E. Martin-Minnich
The Rev. Ernest R.D. Smart
The Rev. Dr. George Gray Toole


John C. Gordon, M.D.
Allan G. Scott, M.D.
H. Russell Wright, M.D.


Colin Bell, Esq.
David Bohanan, Esq.
Marshall V. Grier, Esq.
J. Marks Moore, III, Esq.
William N. White, Esq.
Christian B. Wilson, Esq.